Making Traditional Japanese Sweets in Canada

18 07 2012


I made a daifuku.

大福 を 作りました ( daifuku wo tsukurimashita )

I made a daifuku myself.

大福 を 自分で 作りました ( daifuku wo jibunde tsukurimashita )


Do you know what is daifuku?

Daifuku is one of traditional Japanese sweets and is well known abroad under the name mochi.

We just had the first Making Daifuku Workshop last month.

We had many Canadian and Japanese people  there who were very interested in learning how to make daifuku. Of course, I enjoyed it with them, too, and made it by myself afterward.

Here is the simplified version of daifuku recipe!

First, I prepared Anko which is sweet red bean ( azuki ) paste.

This is red beans or azuki you can buy at a super market. Boil it and sweeten with suger and a pinch of salt.

Continued to the article “Making Traditional Japanese Sweets in Canada 2″…

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