Report about fund

13 10 2012

As we reported here, we raised about $400 from the last two charity events

and just bought funds of a Sake manufacturer in the disaster area of 3.11 earthquake.

Name of the manufacturer is Hishiya Syuzo, which has been producing Sake since 1852.

Here is a link to the fund. Sorry, they have only website in Japanese.

And we just recieved an email says

ファンド名 :「菱屋酒造ファンド」
お申込み口数 :3 口
お申込金額 :31,500 円
お振込金額 :31,500 円
支払留保利用金額:0 円
投資家特典希望 :特典あり

which means they recieved 31500yen from us.

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