11 11 2012


デパ地下 で 食べ物 を 買う。 ( depachika de tabemono wo kau)

I buy food at depachika.

毎日、帰り に デパ地下 に 寄る。(mainichi, kaeri ni depachika ni yoru)

I drop by depachika on the way home every day.


What’s in the basement of a department store?

デパ地下  (depachika) is a new word which is a combination of “depaato” which means department store

and “chika” which means basement. So, デパ地下 (depachika) means the basement floor of a department store.

However, for Japanese people depachika means more than that.

Let’s take a look some pictures of depachika.

I believe you see what is depachika now.

We litellary can buy food from all over the world here such as Italian, Thai and Chinese etc. and they even have bakery, sweets shops and organic foods etc.

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