Let’s eat “Morning”!

23 11 2012

These are correct Japanese sentences. Can you guess what Morning is?

モーニング食べない? (Mooningu tabenai)

Why don’t we eat Morning?

モーニング2つお願いします。(Mooningu futatsu onegaishimasu)

We’ll have two Mornings.

あのレストランのモーニングおいしいよ。 (Ano resutoran no mooningu oishiiyo)

Morning at the restaurant is yummy.

Yes, Morning is used as “breakfast special” in Japan.

And, Nagoya-city is famous for Morning because some coffee shops or restaurants offer breakfast set including bread and egg when we order a drink such as coffee or tea.

This custom started in 1950s.

Let’s have a look Mornings in Nagoya-city.


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