How many Kanjis do we use every day?

2 01 2013

(Kanji wo benkyoo surunoga sukidesu.)
I like studying Kanji.

( Mainichi Kanji wo benkyoo shimasu.)
I study Kanji every day.

How many Kanjis do we use every day? For Japanese learners,
Kanji is one of the big challenges and every time I start to teach Kanji,
students asked me “How many Kanjis do I need in order to read a newspaper?”
“How many Kanjis do you use every day?”.

The answer is 2136 if you want to read a newspaper.
There is a rule about how to use Kanji. Since there are tons of Kanji and
if we don’t have any rules, we would need to keep learning Kanji  whole life.

The JOYO Kanji is the regular-use Kanji list by the Japanese Ministry of Education.
Currently 2136 charactors in the list and these consist of:
1) 1006 Kanjis taught in primary school;
2) 1130 additional Kanjis taught in seconday school.

Whenever we use Kanji that are not in the list, we are expected to
provide ふりがな (furinaga, how to read the word)
Here is a link to a Website called Hiragana Megane.
If you enter URL on this site,  ふりがな (furigana) will be provided!
Japanese class and tutor lesson in Toronto, Canada

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