Kanada kara kimashita. Maiku desu. ( I’m Mike. I’m from Canada.)

8 02 2013

After learning all Katakana, you will see that a lot of English words are used in Japan. For example, インフォメーション(infomeesyon, information) is a common word used in Japan, despite the fact that we have a Japanese word 情報 (jyoohoo) which means information.

Especially the young (and politicians :p) prefer to use English words.

However, when you speak Japanese, you should pronounce English words as Japanese pronounce them even though you feel strange to pronounce Mike as Maiku.

If you want to know the direction to get “MacDonald’s”, please ask “Makudonarudo wa dokodesuka?”.


There are the words which my students said that they feel funny or strange along with Makudonarudo.

コンピューター (konpyuutaa) = Computer

スターバックス (sutaabakkusu) = Starbucks

ディー・ブイ・ディー (dii bui dii) = DVD

ブラジル (burajiru) = Brazil

ビジネス (bijinesu) = Business

エンジニア (enjinia) = Engineer



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